The Venus Factor Review – Does it Really Work?

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How are you? It's been a busy week for me. I want to tell you about the truth Venus Factor program. My goal is to bring you value by providing information that can help you diet more effectively and efficiently. trust me, it's awesome!

What is the Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is a rapid weight loss, body transformation system. It is designed for women only. It is designed to help women lose weight while toning the body, as well. Venus Factor combines a diet plan with a targeted exercise regimen that is designed to attack the typical areas in which women store fat.

Exercise alone is not enough to lose the weight because of the underlying biological process that actually works against your ability to lose weight. This process can be controlled through the diet that is included in the Venus Factor. One of the key components to Venus Factor is leptin diet. The leptin diet is designed to decrease the level of leptin in your body.


What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that controls hunger and that feeling of fullness. Women generally create more leptin than men. Also, because leptin is created by fat tissue, overweight people general have higher levels of leptin. Unfortunately, leptin resistance occurs with obesity so that your body does not recognize the presence of leptin, so you do not feel full even after eating.

Master Leptin and Build the Body of Your Dreams

Leptin is the body’s balance control mechanism. High levels of leptin tell your brain that you have enough fat stored. Low levels of leptin tell your brain that you do not have enough fat stored (that you are starving). Leptin resistance causes you to eat more and your body to expend less energy. It becomes a never ending cycle. You eat more because you do not feel full. Your body produces more leptin. Added weight increases the chance of leptin resistance, and the cycle continues. The leptin diet was created to break this cycle. The leptin diet was created to reduce leptin resistance and improve chances of losing weight.

5 Rules of the Leptin Diet

  • Never eat after dinner finish eating 3 hours before bed.
  • Eat three meals a day 5-6 hours between meals.
  • Do not eat large meals- go for slightly less than full.
  • Eat a high protein breakfast.
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates.

In addition to 5 Rules, it is important to eat right foods. You should eat more protein and fiber. Fiber helps flush out the excess fat. It also makes you feel full because it takes up more space in your stomach. Drinking plenty of water has the same effect as eating plenty of fiber, as well. You should also avoid sugary drinks, such as soda or energy drinks. Finally, eat plenty of fruit.

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Venus Factor Packages

What are the Risks?

  • As with any dieting or exercise program, there are risks involved. Of course, there are the physical risks involved. You will want to be sure to prepare for workout sessions by being sure to stretch. You will also want to monitor your body during exercise. Pushing yourself too hard only causes damage. A proper cool down period is just as important as warming up for physical activity. Warming up and cooling down both help to prevent muscle strain or injury. If you hurt yourself, stop and seek medical attention.
  • In addition to the physical risks, there are the psychological risks. These come in the form of falling into bad habits. You may be tempted to snack between meals. Drink a glass of water instead. You may also be tempted to eat larger portions during meals to compensate for the lack of snacking. Good self-control is a must with any program.
  • Finally, you might get discouraged and contemplate quitting. You have to keep yourself positively motivated. The Venus Factor Forum and Chat Room are excellent places to find the encouragement you need to continue that is given to you by other women who are also in venus program.

What are the Results?

  • The Venus Factor was designed to downplay the risks and highlight the results. Results vary from individual to individual. That being said, the Venus Factor System is meant to be a rapid weight loss system. The main thrust behind the Venus Factor System is to reduce leptin resistance and control leptin levels in your body. Leptin - Wikipedia
  • Decreased leptin levels trigger a sense of starvation in your brain. If you are carefully monitoring your diet, your body will have to burn off fat stores to produce energy. The diet is designed to control the amount of fat causing food you eat. Then, the exercises will burn off even more of the fat stores you already have. These exercises are designed to target areas of fat stores that are specific to women. The end result is you have a lean body, and you have the proper knowledge of nutrition and exercise to maintain it.
  • Ultimately, the major result is that you will lose weight. Not only will you lose weight, but you will lose weight rapidly. Even better, you will lose weight rapidly and keep it off. The Venus Factor provides the combination punch of reduced leptin and high energy exercises calculated to burn fat effectively and quickly. In doing this, the Venus Factor could be considered the best way to lose weight.

What Does the Venus Factor Consist Of?

Venus Factor combines the leptin diet with a workout schedule. The plan is organized by several documents. First, main manual describes how to use the Venus Index Ratio to determine your ideal weight. Secondly, the Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System discusses leptin and the leptin diet. The Venus Factor Diet Plan can be found in this document. Finally, the Plan includes the Venus Factor Workout Manual. It is a 12 week workout plan. The manual includes step-by-step instructions along with links to videos that demonstrate the workout. The manual also includes a workout schedule that is divided into 3 phases that are a month long and contain a specific work regimen.

Also included as benefits for signing up for the Venus Factor System is an app through which you can speak to a Virtual Nutritionist. You also gain access to the Venus Factor Forum and Chat Room where you can communicate with other users. This communication provides a support network while you work your way through the plan. Support is needed to keep you encouraged and focused as you lose your weight.

Who Created the Venus Factor System?

John Barban created the Venus Factor System. He earned a graduate degree in Human Biology and Nutrition. He has taught exercise physiology at University. He has also worked for years in the nutritional supplement industry where he designed sports and weight loss supplements. He maintains an online presence with The University, an online fitness course, and writes a fitness blog. In addition to the Venus Factor (which is tailored to women), he has created the Adonis Index Workout for men.

Venus Factor Forum

Today I'd like to show you a few other ordinary people who've done amazing things following this same guide. Check it out!

Why Does It Work For You?

Venus Factor was designed for women. It takes into consideration that women generally produce more leptin than men. It is designed to decrease the level of leptin so that it kick starts the fat burning process. Decreasing your fat stores will help bring leptin production under control. It reduces leptin resistance. Added to all of this, the exercises are designed for women. They target the areas where women are prone to store fat.

The Venus Factor works for you because it was designed with you in mind. It takes into consideration your body. It provides you with the support you need through the forum and chat room. It also takes into consideration that you are not an exercise expert and provides access to videos so that you can see what proper form during these exercises should look like. Overall, the Venus Factor provides the most bang for your buck.


If you are wanting a leaner you, you should try the Venus Factor. If you want to rapidly lose weight and keep it off, you should try the Venus Factor. If you want that ideal body that you have always dreamed about, you should try the Venus Factor.

A word of warning: Venus Factor is not a fad diet. Venus Factor takes hard work and determination. You have to have the will power to stick to the 5 Rules of the Leptin Diet. You have to have the will power to stick to the workout schedule.

It is important to keep a positive outlook as you work through the schedule. Do it for the right reason: do it for you. The best reason to use the Venus Factor system is that you want to be healthy and in control of your body. Remind yourself that you are worth the effort.

The Venus Factor will require you to work to lose weight, but it is worth it. More than that, you are worth it. That is why the Venus Factor works for you: because you work for you. It is your body. Take control of it. Try the Venus Factor and watch the weight disappear. Hopefully you are starting to find some winners yourself! Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions. I love to get emails!