Jump Manual: The Truth Behind How to Jump Higher Program

Jump Manual is a vertical leap training manual that can help anyone jump higher if they’ll follow this method and put in work it requires.


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We Like

– Risk-free three-week trial.

– Improve your resistance to injury.

– Valuable nutrition advice.

– Detailed workout charts.

– Actually, saves time and energy by showing you the right way to train.

– Improves both offensive and defensive jumping skills for basketball players.

– Has alternatives to weight room exercises in you don’t belong to a gym.

We Don’t Like

– There really is only one drawback I’ve seen to the Jump Manual. There’s no free lunch.

– This method works, but you’re going to have to work hard at it.

– The method addresses everything from nutrition to flexibility, and it takes dedication to follow through on all advice.

– It’s not that complicated, but you have to keep at it. If you’re unwilling to get off the couch, this method won’t help you.


My old basketball coach had a saying: You can’t coach height. Coaches like him always chose tall players who could naturally play above the rim, and above heads of the other players – players like me.

That attitude always held me back, even though I’m not that short. I just couldn’t jump well enough to play above the rim. Then I found the Jump Manual.

Jump Manual System makes your height almost irrelevant and lets you play with the big men no matter how tall you are. My coach was wrong. If you learn how to improve your vertical jump, it’s like being coached to be taller.

How to Jump Higher

What Is a Jump Manual?

Unlike repetitive exercises you learned in gym class, the Jump Manual System isn’t designed to simply strengthen your legs. Jumping is a coordinated motion that relies on much more than just strength in your legs.

All exercises I tried when I was playing High School ball were more like weightlifting than true jumping exercises. There didn’t seem to be any relationship between weightlifting and jumping, and eventually, I gave up.

A few years later, I discovered Jump Manual, and it was like a light going on in my head. Are you ready to dive right in? It worked!

How to Jump Higher (Warming Up and Jumping Exercises)

How to Jump Higher

The Jump Manual system uses a method of exercise called plyometrics. This technique increases the speed at which the body can perform powerful movements.

In the sporting world, great athletes often exhibit what is called explosiveness. A sprinter coming out of blocks, a rebounder going up to grab a basketball, and a linebacker reversing field at an instant to chase down a runner is all showing their explosiveness.

The manual concentrates on developing your explosiveness through special exercises that are unlike any others you’ve ever done.

Plyometrics is popular with martial artists and high jumpers, and the manual has refined plyometrics to increase the speed at which you leave the ground.

To increase vertical jump, you have to increase the speed at which all your muscles hurl your body into the air, and the manual tells you exactly how. You won’t believe how much of a difference it makes until you try it.

Jump Manual use’s resistance training in their workouts to jump higher. Not only is resistance training good for jumping, it increases overall fitness and cardio performance.

Some of the training techniques are best performed in a gym, but the author offers alternate ways to get same results using whatever equipment you have, including your own weight, which worked out great for me, because I didn’t have access to a gym at the time.

What Does the Complete Package Contain?

You can receive the e-book, plus advanced video training, mobile access, a progress tracking app, personal vertical jump analysis, lift time updates, one on one coaching session, and an important upper-body training program.

Who Created the Jump Manual System?

Jacob HillerJump Manual by a trainer named Jacob Hiller. I found the fact that he wasn’t a pro athlete interesting. I’m always suspicious of advice from athletes who are physical freaks. They’re able to do amazing thing’s, but they didn’t have to learn how to do those amazing things hard way the rest of us do. Jacob was a trainer who worked with NBA players and Olympian athletes to improve their already stunning performance. After ten years of coaching best of the best, he got his method down to a science. His Jump Manual was a training program for rest of us.

The Science Behind Jump Manual System

Jumping is more than strength. The motion itself is one of the most complicated physical maneuvers a person can do.

Timing, coordination, flexibility, and balance all enter it. To increase vertical jump capabilities, you can’t just concentrate on only one aspect of the jumping motion.

This manual takes a holistic approach to the question of how to jump higher.

First, Jacob Hiller gives tremendous advice on nutrition. He’s discovered the proper diet to increase your muscle’s ability to recover after exercise and to build the right kind of muscle for jumping.

Regular bodybuilding exercises are designed to make you lose weight and build muscle, but the ultimate reason for that approach is for your appearance.

After two months on the program, my legs are stronger than they have been in years and my knees feel great!

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Jump Manual Exercises

Jump Manual exercises

Big muscles are for flexing, and maybe for picking up heavy weights and putting them down. That kind of bodybuilding is not only useless for jumping, it can make it harder for you to leap because you’re less flexible, and you still weigh more than you should.

Workouts to jump higher target specific muscles, and because jumping is a complex motion, those muscles aren’t only located in your legs.

Jump Manual exercises showed me the way to perform vertical jump exercise properly. The author explains that if you train using the wrong technique, you’ll never improve your jumping ability. Guess what?

The technique in the manual is nothing like what we were all taught in gym class and on the basketball team. It’s an amazing insight, and I’m not surprised it took him years of observing and coaching the finest jumping athletes around the world to refine it. It works!

Jump Manual exercises target muscle groups that most people have no ideas are involved in jumping. Jumping is a very complex movement. Once you leave the ground, it’s entirely unlike all other physical motions.

The method improves muscles that aren’t traditionally associated with high jumping. I wasn’t a great jumper, to begin with, so I made great progress with the method, but the author has helped athletes who can already jump at the top of the scale to increase their performance, too.

It’s by improving these secondary sets of muscles.

Flexibility is just as important as strength when your learning how to jump higher. The exercises in the manual focus on increasing your flexibility to make higher jumps possible.

I was skeptical at first because you assume that building strength in the legs was all there was to jump higher, but not only did technique work for me; it also made me less prone to injury.

If you’re like me, you hyperextend your back while arching to get that last bit of height. That didn’t work, and the flexibility techniques in the Jump Manual had me landing like a cat instead of like a ton of bricks.

When you try it, you’ll see.

What Are the Results? – Expectations From a Jump Manual

YES, Give Me The Jump Manual Program – **SPECIAL DISCOUNT**

The author makes some pretty bold claims. I saw the video of him jumping straight up and brushing the top of his head on the underside of a standard basketball rim, which was truly impressive. Then I did the arithmetic.

A ten-foot rim is 120″, and he’s 6″ – 4″. That’s a 44-inch jump! I’m only two inches shorter than Jacob Hiller, so that kind of performance would have me playing above the rim for the first time in my life.

I was still skeptical, but willing to give it a try if it produced results like that. I got this manual and really applied myself to the techniques.

Within three weeks, I was jumping three inches higher. Not only that, but I didn’t lose my legs after fifteen minutes of hardcore basketball like I used to.

While everyone else could barely get off the ground at the end of the game, I felt stronger, and I landed more in balance, ready to run. It was amazing!!

I’m still working hard on the Jump Manual techniques, and I expect to continue to increase my vertical by 10 inches within two months.

To tell the truth, I would have paid few bucks it cost just for the performance improvement I’ve already gotten from it. If I get to a full 10-inch vertical improvement, I’ll become his biggest spokesman.

Will Jump Manual Work for You?

Jacob Hiller stresses that he’s not a great natural jumper, and he designed Jump Manual to work for anyone.

People who are already world-class jumpers can’t always add as many inches to their vertical as the rest of us, but everyone can get maximum possible leaping ability; they’re capable of whether they follow the plan. I know it’s working for me.


While Jump Manual isn’t as simple as taking a pill, it works if you follow Jacob’s advice. One of the great things about this method is that it showed me real, measurable results in just a few weeks. Those kinds of results make it much easier to keep going, and I’m sure I’m going to make it to a full 10-inch increase in my vertical, and you can too. Honestly, it’s so cheap there’s no way you can lose. I highly recommend it! 🙂


YES, Give Me The Jump Manual Program – **SPECIAL DISCOUNT**